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  • News & Articles
    A place for all of us to share & discuss any GTD news, articles, blog posts from around the web.
    17 discussions 175 commentsMost recent: And so the circle continues by robertgkokDecember 11
  • General Chat
    General discussions about anything and everything -- your basic lounge/hangout. If your thread topic doesn't really fit in any of the other categories, this is a good place to put it!
    155 discussions 2,254 commentsMost recent: And still no word from Nirvanahq... by mjbrodeur8:14AM
  • Questions
    Have a question on how something should work? Ask your question here and we'll help you out.
    183 discussions 1,017 commentsMost recent: Converting an action into a project on … by NeilJanuary 23
  • Suggestions
    Have a suggestion on how to improve nirvana? Maybe a feature you'd like to see implemented, or a suggestion on how an existing feature should work. Let us know what you think, we're always glad to hear opinions!
    197 discussions 1,056 comments
  • Tips & Tricks
    Have any tips for getting more out of life? Perhaps some neat tricks you've discovered while using nirvana that others might not know about? Post them here.
    43 discussions 323 commentsMost recent: Chrome extension for projects hierarchy by ZdenoMarch 27
  • Nirvana Mobile
    Discussion area for questions, comments, suggestions and problems regarding the mobile web version of Nirvana. Feel free to start discussions about iPhone and Android apps in this category as well.
    60 discussions 1,108 comments
  • Nirvana Mashups
    We're exploring ways to let developers interact with the Nirvana cloud via a variety of mechanisms.
    18 discussions 75 comments
  • Email API
    for getting things into Nirvana via email
    6 discussions 17 comments
  • Javascript API
    for creating browser extensions and the like
    4 discussions 4 comments
    for read/write access to the Nirvana cloud
    4 discussions 20 comments
  • Feeds
    for easy access to read-only data, ala shared calendars and such
    1 discussion 5 comments

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