Paypal Update Please
  • As we approach the end of the week I was just wondering when PayPal was now expected? Although all may well become apparent when it goes live how will those eligible take advantage of the $29/yr offer?
  • I waiting for it too. And I REALLY hope that updates will be more frequent in the future, and you will keep the community up to date on everything that's going on. Please only promise new features if you can really make it ready by that time. This is starting to look like a very bad strategy....
  • @Relvart Have some sympathy with your point but overall I think its a bit too much to ask for regular updates of only what is absolutely going to happen. Sounds like a recipe to only hear about things a day or two before. I think regular updates of current plans over the next few months would be really welcome - for our part we all have to accept that life is a bitch and those plans will change. teh introduction of money for the service also changes the relationship rather I think.
  • @BruceMarriott Your point is completly understandable too. And sorry Nirvana team for being a bit harsh. :)
  • Things are drifting on - is there nothing to be said about the PayPal implementation position?
  • I think we will get a few other new features along with paypal. They must be so busy working on them all day, that they even forget completly about the community :) I am very excited about the next patch.

    Anyway, I think popping up on the forum at least every day, and answer our questions wouldn't hurt.
  • PayPal is now setup. Nominally all seems well, but to me it's happened/happening in a slightly odd way...

    Went into My Account
    Clicked on upgrade
    It knew that I was to be offered a $29 upgrade and button to select PayPal is there also.
    Used that and went through PayPal as you do.
    It sets up a yearly recurring payment with PayPal starting today.
    You get an email from PayPal saying its setup and how to cancel if you need.

    At the moment I haven't seen the actual money taken - I guess it will happen at some point during the day.

    What I though would happen and didn't is:
    Money taken for a year immediately you upgrade.
    recurring payment set to happen a year hence.

    The way its happening gives the same outcome - or should. Just need to make sure that the payment goes through today I guess.

    The good thing is that it automatically knew I was due the $29 price and that is much appreciated.
  • Update: The $29.00 automatic payment has now gone through - about 6.5 hours after I received the first (yearly recurring setup) PayPal email. And the Nirvana My Account page now shows me as paid up until 15 September 2013.

    So that's all good - It all works and I hope others have the same positive experience.
  • That's good to hear, I just wonder why not the Nirvana team is the first to tell us about PayPal being available.
    Recently there is little to nothing communication towards us. You should have a dedicated support person who is checking and answering support questions a few times every day. (including questions on forum, twitter, email, support system... )

    Now my biggest problem is, that I'am just not confident that you take this whole Nirvana business seriously. And although this is the best system I found, I'am not sure now if I want to pay, because what if the next update will be in 3 months, because you have more important things to do. Please convince me until Sep 30.
  • Good to hear that payment via PayPal is now possible!

    Unfortunately, PayPal isn't working here. When I'm trying to make the purchase, I'm getting the error message "payment cannot be processed - please return to Nirvanahq, Inc and choose another option"...

    I have a German PayPal account - could it have something to do with that?
  • I`m just payed by paypal, actually charge comes in 5 minutes.

    @Relevart looks like paypal in testing now and not working like a charm. Nirvanahq, Inc is "Unverified" merchant.. I`m passive nirvana user for some time.. There are some thing makes me unhappy. Have tried rmilk, nozbe, toodledo, doit, astrid, many others, but only nirvana in my heart for now. Hope my few $ will help to create good app.
  • @BruceMarriott - we request the money, then PayPal pulls it from the customer's account when they see fit. I have no idea why it took so long in your (and 3 others) case - it was unusual for sure - it's usually in the 3 - 10 minute range.

    @francus - the unverified is simply an "oh s..t, we forgot to do the bank account verification" until we noticed it when going live (we work out of the sandbox accounts for testing) - it'll be verfied as soon as PayPal drops the test deposits into the account so we can flip that flag - probably in the next day or two.

    @spacebear - I have no idea why you got the message you did, perhaps you could try again. Maybe PayPal was having their own issues (might also explain the 6.5 hours for some of those payments), who knows.

    @Relevart - a common reason to not announce something as soon as it's available is to let a few people use the system in "Live" mode by discovery to ensure there aren't any problems before a massive hit that might take place after an announcement. That way should there be an issue, there would be a rather limited impact.

  • @davidmcl I just tried it again, and it's still not working... Same error message.
  • @spacebear - Whatever the reason, it's nothing we can see as to what is happening - since it never gets to our merchant account - or have control over, AFAIK. Perhaps there is a setting in your PayPal account or something of the sort that prevents you from creating a recurring payment profile in US dollars.

    You could contact PayPal and see if they can give you a reason as to why it is happening. Let me know what you find out - although you might want to use our support system for this kind of account conversation.

  • @spacebear - update - just had a second German customer (in support) mention they were blocked by PayPal. I think I might have an idea - you don't happen to use giropay/bank transfer payments, do you?

  • And in the never ending saga of why PayPal is a PITA - particularly for our German based crowd - here's an interesting tidbit and why I suspect @spacebear and a couple other German PP user attempts have failed...

    Edited from a support ticket response...

    I've found out from checking some developer posts & having created a simulated German customer in the sandbox and tried various options there that there is a problem with using recurring billing, with express checkout, only for German PayPal customers.

    Here's the real joy - this was a reported issue with this back in 2009 - apparently never resolved - although I have a ticket into PayPal to see what if anything has changed - screen shot attached.

    Because of what we need to do, the rep's proposed 'solution' to use subscriptions rather than recurring payments doesn't work for us (or for most of the people on the thread).

    I mean PayPal basically crippled the "subscriptions" option to force merchants to pay extra for their "Pro" solution and to use recurring billing capabilities - rant over.

    Anyway, let me think about this a bit - and hopefully get some answer back from PayPal that isn't nonsense. We'll figure out how to get your money, no worries :-)

    610 x 616 - 29K
  • Hi @davidmcl,

    sorry to get back on you so late, but I just found out that you have been writing a few responses already. Unfortunately, this forum doesn't notify me when the thread is getting a reply...

    You were totally right with your assumptions - I'm using bank transfer payments. They're pretty common in Germany ;) I already had the same problem a couple of years (!) ago when I wanted to pay for a premium membership on a different website.

    After some research, I just found out that payment via VISA is not so bad after all. So I'll just bite the bullet and pay with my VISA card, so you won't have any trouble solving problems of German cheapskates anymore ;)

    All the best,
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