Android Beta
  • Hi all.

    Decided to give HockeyApp a shot for the Android Beta.

    Please read through this post fully before signing up.

    Link to begin the process is at the end of this post. Please refrain from tweeting or otherwise spreading beta. It's intended for community members at the point.

    You will need to create an account on HockeyApp. You can use your Facebook login, or you will see a little Register link when presented with login form.

    It will walk you through registering your device, and install the HockeyApp. Once you have HockeyApp installed, you'll need to log into your HockeyApp account, and you should see an invitation for Nirvana. You'll need to accept that invitation, and then you will see Nirvana as an option to install when you use the HockeyApp on your device.

    Feedback: In app, on the settings screen you will see Send Feedback button.

    About the Beta - Naturally, there are some rough spots. Some features are still to come. Notably:
    * No reordering of tasks
    * No creating new contexts
    * No task deletion
    * No longpress for inbox on new tasks
    * Some visual glitches

    Nothing is horribly broken, but some of you may experience crashes.

    Link to signup:
  • All done, hockeyapp installed, still no invitation though.
  • I've signed up for an account, and registered my device, but I'm not getting an invitation to Nirvana.

    Clicking the link simply redirects me to my dashboard. Do I just need to wait a bit?


    Very excited for the beta by the way :D
  • Same here. Created HockeyApp account and installed on two devices, but no invitation. How do I link my HockeyApp account to the Nirvana beta? I do not use the same email for HockeyApp that I use for Nirvana discussions or the Nirvana Alpha.
  • @meeech, these are great news. I also installed hockey App, registered my devices, however, found no invitation. Is there something else we should do;
  • When you log in, if you look top right, click on your name that's showing. You should see a drop down menu, and in there you should see Invites. if you click on that, you should see nirvana as an invite.
  • I see the "Invites" menu option. But it shows that I don't have any invites.
  • If it helps, from the HockeyApp support page regarding recruiting new beta testers:

    "Potential testers can apply to become a testers of your app by following the link. They need to create a new account or use an existing account for HockeyApp. All applications will be listed on your recruitment page and you can either accept or deny the requests."

    @meeech, it looks like you need to accept us.
  • ok. Found out the problem. I have updated the link. Sorry about that. new to HockeyApp as well, and got it wrong which link to share.
  • Installed and when I login it searches and says no apps?
  • Downloading... got it! The link works!

    First suggestions:
    - Not sure about Android Guidelines, but I'm fairly sure that the sidebar should be REVEALED by the top stuff, instead of popping up over it all
    - Also, it seems redundant to have the sidebar, AND the lists visible. (why see the same thing two times at the same time?)
    2. Holo theme
    3. True Action Bar
    4. Higher quality graphics; icons are blurry on Galaxy Nexus

    Basically, just need to implement Android UI Guidelines.

    Looking good!
  • 0) Good to see something stirring

    1) New link from @meeech works

    2) Wandered around a little just looking - not creating anything new - and unfortunately its crashed 4 times in 5 mins use - each time it says "Unfortunately, Nirvana has stopped." You click OK and it restarts (or it did 3 times out of 4).

    3) Switching between Project views is slower then I would hope - it thinks about it/feels sluggish (Titanium worries?). I don't have projects with tens and tens of actions - be interested to know how it handles those with lots of actions.

    4) Only just noticed one of the constraints listed by @meeech - "No reordering of tasks". Its a huge shame - if Nirvana didn't have hand reordering I would not use it. My planning involves reordering lists and if its not there I don't use - which is why I have not used the html mobile site.

    5) Based on this one off, and quick, snapshot I think its got further to go then I hoped - and sadly there is no benefit to me in using it yet.

    6) Hopefully others use will find it useful and see less crashes.

    For reference I'm using a Google Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.1.1 and the Nirvana version is "beta-1"

    Finally I appreciate that Nirvana would probably like Feedback sent in via the app. However typing stuff like this on a phone is no fun and I hope that forum submitted feedback will be fine. Indeed its better because users get a bigger picture and can more easily say things like "Yes - that happens to me too", rather then having to give lots of blow by blow details etc.
  • I've just installed the app on an HTC Desire, Android 2.3.3. Here is my opinion:

    - The app feels very slow, I have to wait seconds to switch between lists. The scrolling of lists is lagging.
    - Some of the visuals are quite messed up, for example the task counters next to the lists.
    - The app takes over 8 MB of space, that's huge, I rarely see anything that big. Also I don't understand why is it taking so much space, as it doesn't have any large graphics elements.
  • Hoorah. With that new link I was able to join the beta and download the app. So far seems pretty similar to the last alpha. It is really getting there. I find that I am now using the app more than the web version on my mobile devices. (In fact I don't think I have used the web version in quite a while...)

    Suggestion: It would be great to have the list view (I call it "list view". It is the one with capture, actions and projects.) scroll from the left with a swipe and swipe back too. The latest evernote app is doing that and it seems to be a design goal for Android. It is really slick, avoids a button and really makes the workflow smooth.

  • @SeaMonster - that's exactly how Nirvana's iPhone app does it, too - probably the intention for Android as well.
  • Thanks so much @meeech !
  • Hey @meeech, just upgraded from the alpha to the beta. Much smoother, less buggy. Well done.
  • Thanks @Meeech! Nice to see a Nirvana App in my Android. Keep improving. Best of luck!
  • @Meeech Looks good so far with some rough edges to smooth out. Could you tell us how the syncing is working? Push to the phone? Only on startup? Only on tapping Force Sync? I'm seeing inconsistencies and want to know how it should be working before reporting a bug. Thanks...
  • @bennymorrison It syncs fairly regularly as you move around the app, as well as on startup and on leaving the app. What kind of inconsistencies you seeing?

    @ everyone else - thanks for the feedback. keep it coming :)
  • @Meeech Thank you for publishing the beta!

    I cannot register my Android device, since the hockeyapp device registration only accepts Apple devices. You can only choose between iOS and Mac OS. When I try to register with my Android IMEI number, I get the arror message: "The UDID is not valid. Please check length and format."
  • OK, I see, I don't need my IMEI. I just had to go to the page "Apps" and download the app.
  • @meeech so far my experience of the beta has been similar to that of most users, i.e.
    1. not the most responsive of apps (but then again my device is basic, which could - at least partly - explain it)
    2. frequent fc's (unfortunately for the most part not easily, if at all, replicable). A rather awkward (although welcome) finding is that the more I use the app, the less frequent it crashes. I don't know why this happens, nor am I sure I can verify it, however, the experience is getting better with time.
    3. stylistically...unremarkable (I couldn't substantiate this as well as others (gmichaelow) have)
    I am now very happy I decided to stick with Nirvana in spite of the delay. Unlike some other users I'm loving the android app. I will certainly abandon the web app when (if???) we ever get a tablet version, but even now (at beta1 stage) I find myself using it considerably less. It may be the way I operate, however, I can certainly live with an unrefined (mainly aesthetically) and slightly buggy app that will allow me to easily change hats or contexts on the go and filter accordingly, than having no option to use an android app, or use an app that will force me to change system.
    One suggestion concerning a design 'flaw' is that on many occasions we get white fonts on light gray background. Please reconsider the combination, as it is not legible.
  • @TanK Where are you seeing white fonts on light grey bg? def not a combination we want. Might be a bug
  • @Meeech I created a task, exited and it never showed up in the webapp. I tried again and that time it worked. I tried to figure out the timing of it and never could. If I did a force sync it always seemed to sync correctly. I think it happened twice - since then I've been careful not to hit the back button out of the app right away and I haven't seen it happen again. It doesn't seem to sync in the background - you have to run the app, which is fine for b1 - hopefully we'll get background syncing (and reminders) as we go along.

    I have a Galaxy Nexus and have NOT had any performance issues. I have had a couple of FCs but nothing major. It's working well for me, but I'm looking forward to being able to rearrange the tasks to prioritize them. Hopefully we'll be able to have sticky filtering, as well (i.e. the last setting for Area, etc would be remembered).

    All in all, it's going really well :) Thanks!
  • @bennymorrison Will keep working on sync. Right now, def have to launch the app. Though, when you create a new task should sync onces its saved. I'll look into it. thanks!
  • I noticed that I cannot edit the time/date of a "Scheduled" item. Is that a known limitation?
  • @Meeech - no worries and thanks for the info. I agree that you've got to get to the finish line and that there are some things around the app that won't be in R1. As long as the syncing is consistently correct (not data damaging, happens when it's supposed to, etc) then that's fine - you can define "when it's supposed to" as whatever you want for R1 - even just manually (though you're way past that point) and have successful launch. As I said, generally b1 is working pretty well for me so I'm pretty happy. If I get any STR nailed down for any of these scenarios I'll pass them along. Thanks!
  • @seamonster you should be able to edit date/time of scheduled. when you try, do you not see the controls?
  • @meeech I should have been more specific. This is a repeating item. In my scheduled items, almost everything is repeating and I previously didn't look at non-repeating items. I just looked and non-repeating seems to work fine. But for a repeating item, I do not see a way to edit the times/dates.
  • @seamonster repeating items times can only be editing via desktop app
  • @meeech, I had a couple of crashes on the alpha but none in the beta, for the record.

    The app is a little sluggish but I put that down to the fact that I have several hundred tasks. I thought I would make mention though as a few others had.

    My only big issue is its so slow to boot the app. If I want to quickly add a task, I hit the icon on my launch screen and it can take up to 25 seconds before it loads. Then when in the main screen, the inbox and any other custom view, create task can take up to 10 seconds to load.

    Currently I use a mail to app instead, it's faster.

    Any thoughts on a quick add task widget?

    I am using the app on th phone and tablet for 90% of the time and only use the website for my weekly review or if I am setting up a new project. Excellent app. Excellent work.

    I write for a tech blog. Let me know when I can write about the app.
  • Hi @meeech!

    I've just found you a pretty bad bug :)

    If you edit a task's title in the Android app, it doesn't sync to the Web app. I have even tried a forced sync, but nothing happens, I can't get the changes to show up on the Web app. (Before editing the task title, I've also completed an other task, that completion synced fine.)
  • @sedmeister Yes, around 25 seconds for me too. But I don't have that many tasks. I think above ~5 seconds is not acceptable. I hope you come up with a solution.
  • Have a question... How will we be notified of any updates to this Beta app? Will there be a notification from hockeyapp?
  • @sedmeister thanks. Still working on performance. quick add task widget is on the list, but want to nail down core app first. Def shouldnt take 10 secs to load new task view.

    @relevart thanks. i'll look into that. I may ping you up for more details.

    @ksenthilnatarajan yes, you will get an email/notification from hockeyapp.

  • @meeech, thanks for the high level of communication and responsiveness. Loving your work.
  • @relevart I was unable to reproduce. Did it happen just this once? or are none of your title changes sticking?
  • New beta seems faster, less crashes (as far as I can see anyway).

    - Swipe to delete, see new Gmail app
    - Long press to multiedit
    - Task details screen could use some optimization: instead of tap "energy," tap "high," why not just show "low, medium, high" and allow a change in a single tap? Likewise for time.

    Good to see such quick progress and responsiveness :)
  • @gmichaelow, just curious: how did you find out about the new beta? I got no notification from hockeyapp nor nirvana. Is there some extra registration step I missed?
  • @tank when signing up did you not accept emails from hackeyapp?
  • +1 to @gmichaelow task details optimization request ;)
  • @gmichaelow re: task details screen this came up on iphone as well. we'll see but there's no immediate plans to change that.
  • @meeech I really appreciate the quick pace on this android build. Keep it up!
  • @meeech - Sorry, I couldn't reproduce it either. The only thing I remember about it is this:
    - I completed a task in Focus list.
    - I edited a task's name in Focus list.
    - I edited an other task's name in Focus list right after the previous edit.
    - I closed the app, and disconnected from the internet.

    Maybe the fast disconnect could be the reason, I don't know.

    Other suggestions, problems found:
    - When logging in, if I mistype my pass/username the popup which informs me about this only goes away with pressing the "Back" button. It should go away by tapping the screen.
    - If I want to star a task, a lot of the time i have to be very careful to hit the star "the right way" because otherwise it won't do anything. I have a pretty big screen (HTC Desire), so that's not the issue, I think the star should be bigger. Sometimes starring works very smoothly, sometimes if I tap it even 10 times, it won't notice it :)
    - Just going inside one of my projects, freezed the app, three times. I was in the app for about 5 minutes total. I edited task names and starred some tasks. And out of nowhere: freeeeze :)
  • @meeech Just want to say: The app is wonderfull, thank you for publishing it! :)
  • @meeech, is there a search function in the app? If there isn't, is there a plan to add it?
  • @sedmeister there is no search yet.
  • App looks good on Kindle Fire HD. All functionality has not been tested, but the basics are all there, and that's good enough for me. Good work guys. I think you've earned another subscriber. :)
  • @meeech, I have come to realise that I use the sidebar less often than I would like to, mainly due to two (related) characteristics. Firstly, I find scrolling through projects (not only active or waiting, but also finished ones!) to get to the bottom of the sidebar very time consuming. In addition, I would certainly prefer to be able to see my tags instead of my projects in the sidebar (or perhaps both project and tags, or perhaps none of the two lists).
    So, is the customisation of the sidebar in your to-do list?
    As a temporary fix, perhaps you could move the project list to the bottom of the sidebar.
    On another matter, do you prefer getting questions or feature requests here, or through the app?

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