Android ALPHA Testers
  • Looking for a few people who would be eager to be alpha testers for android app.

    If interested, post your device & which version of droid its running.

    What does Alpha mean:

    * The app will be broken, things won't work, and it will prolly crash on occasion. eg: Currently, the app is in a state where you can browse your lists & view task details, but you can't actually edit anything.
    * You don't mind being experimented upon (ie: might try out some fun UI things)
    * Will have a relatively fast release cycle
    * There are no guarantees

    If you are a paying Nirvana user message me on the forum with your email address you signed up with. You get bumped to the top of the queue as I add a users to the alpha.

    Note: For people who prefer a bit more stability in their life, there will eventually be a BETA when the app is in a fully working state.

  • I'm interested:

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus, running AOKP Milestone 6, Android 4.0.4.
  • I'm interested but not sure my kit will do it for you:
    Dell Streak 5 running Android 2.2.2 (latest and last official version)
  • Very interested.

    Running Cyanogenmod 10 (Jelly Bean) Preview on an international Samsung Galaxy S3 -- so yes, I'm very used to experimental things.
  • Really interested as well ;-)

    Samsung Galaxy Note running Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3
  • Would love to help out! I'd be willing to help out and give as detailed notes as I can about reproducing anything I come across.

    Currently using a Galaxy Nexus running stock Jelly Bean 4.1.1. I also have an original Droid lying around here somewhere with 2.3 on it if you are looking for some input from an older device.
  • I'd like to help.

    Motorola Droid X, Stock ROM, Android 2.3.4
  • Yes please!

    HTC Sensation running Android 2.3.4
    and starting tomorrow:
    Asus Transformer Infinity TF700T running Ice Cream Sandwhich 4.0.x
  • Me too!!!

    Huawei U8800 running android 2.3.5 and Asus Transformer TF 101G on android 4.0.3
  • I have a Droid Incredible (rooted) running a currently stable port of Ice Cream Sandwich.
  • I'll have a go if you want to see how it is on a tablet.

    HP Touchpad with Cyanogenmod 9 ICS 4.0.4
  • I'm a software engineer and will try to provide quality input. Unless it's going to screw my tasks DB :)

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 running Android 3.2
  • I'm very intrested in testing the Andoid app.
    I have a HTC Desire running Android 2.3.3.
  • Just like little kids being picked for dodge-ball teams... "ooh! ooh! pick me! pick me!"

    Like @mparol I am an Embedded SW Engineer whose worked from HTML to kernel driver and many levels in between. Bugs come with the territory.
    (BTW, in my not-not-so-spare time I have been pecking at a piece of software to help others import their tasks into Nirvana and hopefully other fun things. If I get in, then i'd better give that thing more of my time so we have a plan B...)

    I would like to add (albeit a display of desperation) that given my "rooted" status, I can throw Froyo, Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, or maybe even a slightly stable port of Jelly Bean on my OG Droid for whatever you need. I don't use it for calls, and it's not hooked up to a data plan. It's my new-age "PDA", and it is meant to keep me organized. Nirvana keeps me organized.
  • Yes, please!
    Motorola Defy Plus running Android 2.3.5
  • I've just got a Nexus 7 (running Jelly Bean) and I'd be keen to help out :-).
  • Thanks for the update @meeech. Look forward to helping out with testing the android app!

    Google Nexus running 4.0 ICS
  • Samsung Galaxy S-III with 4.0.4

    Would love to test!
  • Galaxy Nexus with 4.0.4.

    I've released my own ROM back in the day for the Droid Incredible (Uber Z), which makes me very knowledgable with adb, logcat, etc. :D
  • Me too!

    HTC Evo 4G LTE w/ stock Android 4.0.3
  • I am hugely interested

    Samsung Galaxy 3 with Android 4.0.4
  • I am very interested in testing the android app. I have the Samsung Galaxy S3 with Android 4.0.4.

  • Galaxy Nexus. JB 4.1.1 AOKP.
  • I will! Please
    Samsung Galaxy 5 GT-I5500 :(
    with Android 2.2.2 Froyo
  • I'm very interested too.

    HTC Desire HD (not rooted) running stock 2.3.5 Gingerbread
  • me too
    samsung galaxy s, android 2.3.6
  • I'm very interested.
    Samsung Galaxy s3, Android 4.0.4
  • I am interested.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0
    Android 2.3.5
  • I am interested, too.

    HTC One X
    Android 4.0.3
  • I would really love to test this. I have two android devices:
    - Motorloa Xoom tablet running 4.0.4 (hopefully soon running jellybean)
    - Motorola Photon phone running 2.3.5

    I have alpha tested many software products and I am very comfortable with what that means.


  • just a heads up - i'll be using to manage the process. So, keep an eye on your messages here on the forum - i'll be messaging those selected for an email address to send the app to.
  • Sounds good. I am glad that we can test the app.
  • Great. Can't wait to give feedbacks ;-)
  • Been waiting for this! Have a few :

    HTC One X, stock android 4.0.3
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, CyanogenMod 9
    Kindle Fire
  • Count me in.

    Nexus 7, Jellybean
    Kindle Fire
  • I've been waiting for this as well!

    Galaxy Nexus on Verizon
    Android 4.0.4

    Looking forward to finding bugs and providing feedback.
  • I'm very interested.
    HTC Desire, CyanogenMod 7.2
  • Absolutely! I'd be happy to help.

    Xoom (WiFi) - 4.0.4 (Maybe soon-to-be JellyB)
    Samsung Galaxy S2 (I777) - 4.0.3
  • Samsung Galaxy S2

    Asus Transformer TF101
  • I'm interested.

    Galaxy S, 2.3.3
  • first group should be receiving your install emails now...
  • Interested as well.

    Kindle Fire; Gingerbread
  • Very interested! International HTC One X running ICS!
  • Is anyone getting the app to test? I posted a few days ago but haven't heard anything.
  • @ JGrover
    I'm interested to know this as well.
  • yes. its gone out to about 5 people. as it advances, i'll include more, and then once all functionality is present, most likely move to beta.
  • Thanks for the quick update, meeech.
  • I'd also like to participate if/when you need new people.

    I have:
    Galaxy Nexus v4.0.4
    Nexus 7 (v4.1)
  • it should be mentioned I'm looking for people who use nirvana on a day to day basis, and are looking for something to let them at least review their tasks while on the move (its read only at the moment) with their droids, and for who the current mobile web app is not cutting it. if you aren't a regular user, you will find it pretty useless and underwhelming atm. :D
  • @meeech, I think I could be your girl...
    For about a month ago I decided I needed to find a better replacement for my gTasks-based GTD system. My basic requirements were 1) a smart web-based service that 2) should be easily syncable with Android. After testing many many many of the options available around, my 2 finalists were and Nirvana - and although offered an already functional Android app, I decided to stick with Nirvana because it's just the smartest and closest to perfect option around for the way I use GTD - so I would just trustfully hope the Android app would come soon and would be just as smart as the web version.
    The current mobile app is not very useful to me, because right now I don't have a data plan on my phone, so I can only use the mobile app while online via wifi at home or at work. I will really need an app that can be used offline and have all changes synced later - but right now, at least being able to review them while on the go would already be great! So, I will be patiently waiting... ;)
  • Definitely interested. Been struggling by with the email system on droid for what feels like enternity. Mobile app is too slow to realistically use when out and about and you need to make a quick note of something.

    I'm on HTC Desire HD, running Gingerbread (as HTC have now decided we won't be getting Ice Cream Sandwich! BOOOOO)
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