Evernote and Nirvana
  • Can some of you guys tell me how you use evernote and nirvana.

    I've just started using evernote and I use it like a GTD reference file, I'm finding I'm not quite getting how to use it and keep files, emails and other relevant items collated for a project.

    ie if the project is "Renovate bathroom"
    I want to easily be able to pull all the brochures, emails, quotes etc out of evernote.

    Reference files are easy like menus, instruction books, but its how everything relates that I'm not quite getting.

    So how do you use nirvana and evernote together?

  • +1 for a full-featured integration between Nirvana and Evernote so we can use Evernote to save reference materials, notes, etc.

    zendone does this brilliantly.
  • @jknightsmith

    I have been using Evernote for quite some time, and I also use C: with cloud sync as well as paper reference material. Among the electronic storage options I have not yet found a clear distinction between what I want to keep in Evernote and what I keep on my cloud synced hard disk - I am still in an experimental stage.

    (And I sometimes use OneNote instead of Evernote, but mainly for collaborative purposes, the same reason that I do not use just one spreadsheet program - although I mainly use "real" Excel or Google Spreadsheets I also use Skydrive Excel and OpenOffice Calc ...)

    In general I do not link my Nirvana tasks and projects to the reference info. I can find it easily enough if I need to look at it. Especially for large or important things no links are required (for me).

    But for small things that do not fit into my reference structure, and which would require unreliable retrieval methods such as guessing the text and searching for it, I sometimes find it wise to put a direct link from Nirvana into the reference system (or into the email system). In Nirvana, such links are clickable. C: links must point to the cloud synced replica, though. Evernote links can be either the web variety which opens in the browser or the special evernote type which opens in the EN app.

    I do not keep a record in Nirvana of completed things. If anything needs to be kept I deliberately save it in my reference system (i.e. C: and/or Evernote etc).

    As a side note, I do not send all my email into Evernote. If an email contains important reference information I usually save it in my reference system. (i.e. C: and/or Evernote etc).

    I am comfortable will this, but I realize that further automation might save a few clicks ;-)
  • @folke

    I think thats clarified a few things for me. I was half using C: and evenote for the same area of responsibility and that was where is wasn't working for me. I need to commit to one or the other. I've gone back to C: for this area specifically and that's working a whole lot better.
  • what is C:? Is this just shorthand for your computer's hard drive?
  • @hntopper1 - yes, well, not just shorthand; that's how Windows refers to it in the "file path"
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